Saturday, July 31, 2010

Did You Know?

Did you know that you can customize colors using your word processing program to match the CTMH color palettes? Well you can.  All you need to do is put the following codes in the custom color box in your word processing to make the desired colors

Spring- Harmony

Amethyst (R-194 G-180 B-234) CTMH RGB Amethyst

Baby Pink (R-249 G-207 B-221) CTMH RGB Baby Pink

Heavenly Blue (R-177 G-223 B-243) CTMH RGB Heavenly Blue

Key Lime (R-198 G-227 B-171) CTMH RGB Key Lime

Sunkiss Yellow (R-255 G-251 B-161) CTMH RGB Sunkiss Yellow

Taffy (R-255 G-199 B-174) CTMH RGB Taffy

Spring- Blossom

Lilac Mist (R-172 G-191 B-233) CTMH RGB Lilac Mist

Spring Iris (R-136 G-152 B-206) CTMH RGB Spring Iris

Creme Brulee (R-248 G-206 B-134) CTMH RGB Creme Brulee

Juniper (R-136 G-182 B-173) CTMH RGB Juniper

Sorbet (R-244 G-149 B-128) CTMH RGB Sorbet

Tulip (R-210 G-78 B-84) CTMH RGB Tulip

Autumn- Garden

Garden Green (R-170 G-171 B-134) CTMH RGB Garden Green

Goldrush (R-217 G-142 B-77) CTMH RGB Goldrush

Hollyhock (R-212 G-104 B-126) CTMH RGB Hollyhock

Indian Corn Blue (R-101 G-136 B-169) CTMH RGB Indian Corn Blue

Olive (R-151 G-152 B-107) CTMH RGB Olive

Vineyard Berry (R-153 G-86 B-98) CTMH RGB Vineyard Berry

Autumn- Harvest

Autumn Terracotta (R-199 B-113 G-64) CTMH RGB Autumn Terracotta

Barn Red (R-151 G-84 B-79) CTMH RGB Barn Red

New England Ivy (R-99 G-110 B-77) CTMH RGB New England Ivy

Outdoor Denim (R-67 G-81 B-104) CTMH RGB Outdoor Denim

Pansy Purple (R-112 G-75 B-105) CTMH RGB Pansy Purple

Sunflower (R-255 G-192 B-90) CTMH RGB Sunflower

Winter- Cozy

Blush (R-232 G-163 B-178) CTMH RGB Blush

Crystal Blue (R-132 G-188 B-213) CTMH RGB Crystal Blue

Honey (R-238 G-189 B-33) CTMH RGB Honey

Petal (R-155 G-144 B-158) CTMH RGB Petal

Sweet Leaf (R-194 G-203 B-147) CTMH RGB Sweet Leaf

Twilight (R-79 G-126 B-126) CTMH RGB Twilight

Winter- Classic

Buttercup (R-242 G-225 B-169) CTMH RGB Buttercup

Cranberry (R-184 G-69 B-67) CTMH RGB Cranberry

Garnet (R-139 G-87 B-88) CTMH RGB Garnet

Moonstruck (R-68 G-103 B-161) CTMH RGB Moonstruck

Ponderosa Pine (R-71 G-95 B-84) CTMH RGB Ponderosa Pine

Smokey Plum (R-134 G-106 B-125) CTMH RGB Smokey Plum

Basic- Antique

Bamboo (R-216 G-199 B-169) CTMH RGB Bamboo

Black (black) CTMH RGB Black

Desert Sand (R-165 G-136 B-105) CTMH RGB Desert Sand

Grey Flannel (R-195 G-196 B-192) CTMH RGB Grey Flannel

Grey Wool (R-143 G-148 B-152) CTMH RGB Grey Wool

White Daisy (white) CTMH RGB White Daisy

Basic- Timeless

Brown Bag (R-192 G-137 B-103) CTMH RGB Brown Bag

Chocolate (R-137 G-104 B-89) CTMH RGB Chocolate

Cocoa (R-117 G-104 B-87) CTMH RGB Cocoa

Colonial White (R-244 G-237 B-218) CTMH RGB Colonial White

Parchment (R-245 G-214 B-196) CTMH RGB Parchment

Vanilla Cream (R- 247 G-225 B-203) CTMH RGB Vanilla Cream

With the Summer Palette's having all been basically revamped, I will post those after I obtain them. I hope you enjoy matching your journaling with your CTMH color palettes.

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