Thursday, July 8, 2010

Leadership General Session

Okay here's the scoop from Wednesday's Leadership General Session:

the catalogs are going from three times per year to twice a year effective February 2011.  They will have 24 extra pages, will be larger and include more artwork.

three new colors will be introduced. I'll post more about that later.  No word as of yet what colors are being retired.

The workshops on the go will now be listed in the catalog.  There's an artwork style change on the front covers of these as well.  We will now have Fedex as a shipping method with Saturday delivery available.  Yay.

We are doing away with Propay fees for consultants.  Which means that we as consultants get to keep more of our commissions.  There's going to be a new way of dealing with cc's but I don't have all the 411 on that just yet.  Stay tuned.

The new consultant kits will be customizable. I am venturing to guess that customizable means that we can choose items that will most benefit our needs as consultants to better serve you the customer in doing your home gatherings. But again, don't have the complete 411 so hang on and enjoy the ride of the update wave this week!

That's all for now Folks!

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