Saturday, August 14, 2010

Technique: Random Stamping Backgrounds

Random Stamping Backgrounds

Supplies needed:

White or light-colored cardstock or paper

Stamps and acrylic blocks

2-3 coordinating ink colors


Start with your largest stamp first. Stamp the image somewhere in the middle of your page. You will follow a triangle pattern to stamp two or more images. Be sure to leave enough space between them for your smaller stamped images. Find points 2 and 3 and stamp another point (4) to form a second triangle.Continue with this until you have filled your page. Next, use your second stamp to start over and fill in spaces between the first stamped images. If there is an image already stamped where you need to place a new one, just stamp it to the side a bit. After you have filled the page with this stamped image, start with your next image. You may use as many images as you want and as many colors as you want. Just be sure you start with the largest stamp first and leave spaces between for the smaller ones. You may also want to sponge, distress or use your brayer over your creation for even more creativity.  Things to remember:

Be sure to stamp all the way off the edges

Be sure to turn your stamps so they don’t face all the same direction


Scrapbook page accents

Background paper


Decorative boxes or treat packages


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