Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This and that...

Well, sorry to be a week since the last post. That's not typical for me but then the last week has not been typical.  Both of my grandma's are failing health. One is being placed tomorrow in assisted living nearer my aunt who can oversee her care, the other lives here in town and needs to go in one but does not qualify financially so it may boil down to her moving into our home.

Anyhow, regular life has gotten in the way lately.  Never fear I am back today for the moment anyhow and wanted to share with you some FABULOUS News about our Fabulously Artsy Tresa Black and several other creative gals with CTMH.  In four days, on August 28th, they will be offering an online Creative University. Nine hours of creative classes just for you to learn and ask questions.  It's all online and it's all FREE.  

You can check out it on the blog badge I am going to post in the side bar.

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  1. I loved CU-OL. Hope some of my readers also had the opportunity to attend. Tresa Black and the rest of her teachers were totally awesome. I learned so much.