Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011, Club 52, etc

Happy New Year 2011.  I hope this new year is a great one for each of you.  The new January Stamp of the Month is called Find Your Style and it's available beginning today thru January 31st.  It's pictured to the right side bar.  You can buy it outright or you can earn it in the usual way, as well as earn it by purchasing the Wings Workshop on the Go and items in the Inspirations brochure.  1 item plus Wings gets it 25% off for you, 2 plus Wings equals 50% off, 3 plus Wings equals 75%, and 4 plus Wings equals FREE.

I still have plenty of Inspirations mini idea books available. I also have received the Spring/Summer 2011 idea book. Inspirations is good thru the end of January.  Spring 2011 becomes live on February 1st and remains so thru July 31st.  Contact me now with your contact info and I will get both of these out to you ASAP.  I do charge $5 if I have to mail it (postage is not free) and you may paypal me thru the link that shows the idea book cover. 

Club 52 begins today. This is our "git 'er done" club for our projects in 2011.  I have created an excel sheet that you can use to record your project totals for each week. Be sure you email me each week and give me your totals as there are monthly, quarterly and finally a grand end of the year 2011 prize to be had.  

I hope to have sample Stamp of the Month artwork up by Monday evening as well as Workshop on the Go from Wings done by the end of next week.  Lastly, look for an additional post from me today with my Project 365 entry. I am striving to take one photo (at least) per day in 2011.  

Happy New Year!!

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