Friday, April 9, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

I've spent this afternoon thus far practicing with my stamps and inks. It has been years since I had any stamping experience so I felt the need to tinkering with everything before I attempt to create an actual project that is blog post worthy.

I've found that I am actually much steadier with the stamps and blocks than I used to be.  My images are coming out more straight and clear.  Less smudging and stray marks. 

Also, I played around with YouTube today and found out how I can use my webcam to post tutorials for the art projects I create.  It's been a productive week even if I don't yet have a complete project to show for it.  Additionally, I spoke to one of my dear friends that is a jewelry consultant in Washington State who is putting together some gift baskets for a charity event.  I plan to make her a few things for her gift baskets.  

Well, dear readers, that's pretty much all I have for you today.  We had a terrible storm system come through last evening and my allergies are giving me a difficult time today.  Look for more to be posted as the weekend progresses. Hopefully a completed project.  I am working on altering a recipe box that I will use for a customer contact box. 

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