Thursday, April 8, 2010


Woohoo!! My consultant kit arrived right before lunch.  I just did have time to open the box and peruse some of the contents prior to going to have my allergy shot. 

Once I arrived home, I've had a chance to open each individual package and look at it's contents.  I LOVE the new cardmaking  idea book WISHES.  I say new, since it's new to me.

Let me give you a taste of what was in my consultant kit.  Obviously your standard paperwork such as gathering invitations, hostess rewards forms, order slips, etc.  Now on to the goodies:

(1) level one Cherry-O My Reflections kit.  These are your "beginner" scrapbooking kit.  They come with cardstock, preprinted background and textures and two cardstock sticker sheets.

(1) level two Cherry-O Reflections kit.  This kit is for your intermediate/advanced crafter and includes papers, cardstocks and stickers to design your own pages or cards.  Here are a few of  the stamps I received:

You're Sweet, Tasty Treats, Over the Rainbow, You're Great, A Flitter, Happy Holidays and so much more.  I received four of our acrylic blocks. A roll of ribbon, the recipe chipboard box, oh the list just is too exhaustive to convey here!

Of course, for you my reader, I received 10 copies of the summer idea book.  I also received five of the spring idea book. Summer idea books you may place orders from after 1 May.  Spring idea books you may place orders from NOW.  

As I said, I have 10 copies of the new summer idea book.  Two of which are spoken for.  I definitely can order more based on demand, but if you want to be one of the first to receive yours, the time to let me know is NOW.  I will be sending these out within the next two weeks.  I have to get them packaged up and ready to send.

Also, on a fantastic note, I stepped outta the box today while at the allergy clinic and made my first attempt at gaining a customer! Yay me!!

It's been a long day but  look for artwork to go up on this blog over the weekend!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. I'm so excited for you Shelly and so glad to see you back with CTMH. I love the background you've chosen for your blog. Have fun!