Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I can hardly stand it...

Short post for today as I've been out of the "office" if you will most of the afternoon tending to life apart from the crafting world.

I just checked the corporate Close to My Heart website and now my shipping notice says that my consultant kit is located in Greensboro, NC which is less than 3 hrs from me.  Since it's already 9P here on the East Coast, I'll get it tomorrow.  I hope I get it before too late in the day. I have to go to the allergy clinic for my weekly injection and I'd like a chance to go through the box before my appointment as usually right after my newest injection I am wore out for about 24 hours.

Hang in there folks. I will have more info forthcoming tomorrow.  I already have two nice gals that have asked for catalogs so I am feeling pretty good! 

This weekend I plan to get a couple of small projects on here as well as update my other blog, Confessions of a Dead Relative Collector.  I'll be posting a link to that site once I have it up and properly running.  Hopefully some of you will enjoy my little antecdotes about rummaging around in dusty old archives, courthouses, and cemeteries- oh my! :)

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