Saturday, April 24, 2010

Protect Your Pictures!

A friend reminded me today that not only should we preserve our precious pictures/memories in scrapbook albums, but we should take extra care to make sure that they are safe until we get the opportunity to scrapbook them.  Ladies, it should go without saying... but alas it does not... BACK UP YOUR PHOTOS!! Computers crash everyday!  Once those precious memories are gone, they are gone!

Make sure that you back them up to some sort of external drive, and since I'm extra anal about losing my precious pictures, it wouldn't hurt go ahead and load them to a photo printing service such as Snapfish or Shutterfly, Walmart, Kodak, you get the idea.   Again I am majorly nuts when it comes to my pictures and I have also created albums on my FaceBook page to store them on.  Yeah, it's very unlikely that they would be lost from all these sources at once.

Be safe, not sorry!  Save your pictures!

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