Thursday, July 15, 2010

New and retiring colors and other wonderful things oh my!

There's a correction to my post of last week stating we had three new colors.  There are now actually EIGHT new colors which means that EIGHT colors also retired effective the end of the year. I'll have to go back through the massive amount of information (LOL) that came down from the home office and get the listing. I hope to do that this weekend. 

Additionally, coming soon... the availability to do 100% online gatherings.  No real explanation how these work just yet. I am sure that there is information floating out here in the cyber world that I've yet to be able to pick up.  Don't worry- I will soon! 

In the mean time, I've changed the graphical design for the blog. Just cause it was time to! Hope you enjoy that.  I like to keep it fresh. 

Other things that I had planned long ago to do will be forthcoming as well.  Starting Monday, August 2nd, I will be doing Color Me Monday. Sometimes I will share with you the colors that our founder Jeannette Lynton shares with us on her blog, other times, I will pick my own for the week.  Tuesdays, I hope to share with you tips to make your scrapbooking faster, simpler, and easier.  Thursdays I would like to share a new technique with you.  The other days of the week I'll have project theme days. 

So stay tuned won't you cause baby it maybe hot outside right now in most necks of the woods, but before we can barely blink, we'll be settling in for the winter months. But it doesn't have to be the winter of your discontent, when you are getting your craft on and preserving those special times in your life and the lives of those you love!

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