Sunday, August 1, 2010

RGB Printer Color Codes for New Summer Palette colors

As I told you the other day, Close to My Heart totally overhauled (within a couple of exceptions) their entire summer palette's of colors.  I'm listing the new colors and their codes below.  To create any of these colors to match your journaling to your CTMH papers and stamping products, when typing your journaling, go into your word processor and where you choose from the drop down menus the color you wish to print, choose other/custom (however it's worded) a new block will open up with blocks that have codes for R (Red), G (Green), and B (Blue).  Type in the number that correspond with the R's, G's, and B's and you will come up with custom CTMH colors to match. Super easy. 

Gypsy R-143 G-124 B-178

Pacifica R-48 G-120 B-157

Sunset R-238 G-130 B-90

Cotton Candy R-238 G-130 B-90

Lagoon R-72 G-185 B-182

Pear R-170 G-210 B-114

Sky R-154 G-218 B-242

Smoothie R-236 G-128 B-134

Sunny Yellow (R-255 G-246 B-63)

Dutch Blue (R-90 G-151 B-206)

Topiary (R-112 G-140 B-76)

Holiday Red (R-224 G-73 B-87)

Have fun doing your own personal custom journaling with matching CTMH printing codes!

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