Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wishes and Gifts

Oh My Goodness! Can you believe that there's only a little over three months before Christmas? Gosh, where has this year gone? It really has flown by.

Soon we will be talking plans for Thankgiving and Christmas. Yes, I said the dreaded Holiday C word. Christmas!!  I cannot tell you the number of gals that tell me they dread Christmas because they always fear they are gonna get some lame gift from their man, like a vacuum cleaner or a toaster (btw guys- those are housewarming gifts- leave those to your friends to buy you only if you're just recently married or moved into a new home ok?)

Sistas, don't go into the holiday season dreading another bad gift.  Tell your significant other to give you the gift you really want this year- A Close to my Heart Gift Certificate.  He can purchase them directly from me in denominations starting at just $10.00.  This way, you can be certain that you will get at least one gift that you truly will fall in love with under the tree this year.

Would you rather have him buy something for you and win points for his great thinking and creativity, well you know, you still need to throw him a little bone.  Give him a copy of your CTMH wish list form.  Just fill out the form, with the things you really want from CTMH and allow him to choose something(s) from it.  What could be easier.

Wish list items due need to be ordered from me and orders placed no later than December 5, 2010 in order to insure that there are no holiday backlags between the corporate warehouse and/or the shipping carriers of the world. 

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