Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Spring 2011 Idea Books

Whoot! I have to jump for joy and let you all know that the Spring 2011 are on their way to me. While I cannot release them to you the customer until the last week of January for their official "live" date of February 1st, 2011 I will be getting my own orders together (preview period for consultants) and beginning new artwork and discusssions via this blog and the FB fan page to get your appetites wet for all things CTMH in the coming shopping period. 

The spring book will be good February 1st thru the end June (I think? It might be July- I need to check the dates on the books once I have them).  That's plenty of time for you to make your purchases.  I'm so excited it truly does feel like Christmas and New Year's all in a row.  If you wish to purchase an idea book, just click the Idea book icon on this blog. While currently it shows a picture of the fall idea book, I will be updating the blog in January once we have copy for the Spring edition.  Rest assured that if you order an idea book you will receive the most up to date edition.  If you are local and can stop by to say hello, I'll give you the idea book for free (the last week of January or later).

I also have a rather decent size stash of the Inspirations brochures for January. These are our mini catalog previewing some of the new products and our January Stamp of the Month "Find Your Style" and Wings Workshop on the Go. Look for artwork on this blog, the FB fan page and my business website http://www.wheeliescrapper.myctmh.com/ by the 20th of January.  Still trying to wrap up a few things for 2010. 

Also, I will be introducing an ongoing monthly project you might be interested in so you can have a yearly completed album. Oh, it is gonna be fantastic.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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